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Iconoclast Rises Again....

Model - Jessika Rocket - Photographer Ricky Davis

Model - Jessika Rocket - Photographer Ricky Davis

Iconoclast Rises Again...

I have no idea how long you may have followed some of my work. So I wanted to share a little background on what Iconoclast was, and kinda what's bringing it back.

Most of you probably know my work mainly because of TRD Photography. Of course I began back in 2009, but my work took off mainly in 2011 in the tattoo scene because of the style of work that I did. In early 2013, I really wanted to do more work that had meaning behind it. Some work that might make a statement. It wasn't really what "TRD" was about, but on a personal level I wanted to say something.

Originally when I launched Iconoclast Imaging, I didn't want anyone to know who I was. I basically wanted the photos to speak for themselves regardless of who took them. Of course because of my style, people automatically knew who I was, so that didn't last long. One of the first projects I worked on with Iconoclast was my Beauty Redefined Series. It was a project where I took b&w portraits sans photoshop. At first it was just portraits, and then I began asking people about what beauty means to them. It was really special to me. So much so that last year I relaunched working on that series and shot Chapter 1 of it all on film and had the opportunity to show it at an art show in Nashville at the City Winery. I'm beginning to work on Chapter 2 now.

Since 2013, after about a year or so, I took the Iconoclast work under my TRD brand because I was overwhelmed trying to keep up on multiple pages and things like that. The work that I was known for mostly with TRD and the more meaningful type work that I do, their markets don't necessarily mesh, and as I work to bring my TRD style work back to what it is, I struggled with what to do as far as the work that doesn't necessarily fit in. That's where I decided to bring back Iconoclast.

Iconoclast is going to be my personal work. The work that speaks to me and hopefully to you. I plan on sharing my different series of work here, the stuff that is more raw and organic. It will be made up of both digital and film photography. At times it may be very experimental. Some of it may be darker, but I fully intend on sharing my series with stories here as well. This is the work that I make for my own soul.


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