TRD Photography



What do I bring?

Depending on what type of shoot you are doing, this will vary. You of course bring your wardrobe, props that we have discussed. If you've booked someone to do hair and makeup, they may have asked you to bring your foundation. If you didn't book a muah, then you will want to have hair and makeup accessories available in case you need touch ups. You can also bring your favorite cd or if you have your phone/iPod, we can use it. Sometimes music helps to relax and get you into your groove.

Can I do my own hair and makeup?

Of course you can! Here's my suggestion though, if you don't have photoshoot experience with doing your own hair and makeup, or have a good friend that does, you may want to hire someone. The reason being is for professional shots, hair and makeup is a big part of getting that exceptional quality. Sometimes your everyday makeup doesn't show up as well under the bright lights and we really want you to have the best product you can have.

Do you provide wardrobe/props?

This is a tricky answer. On the whole, I don't. I work with so many different sizes and styles that I don't have the capacity to provide wardrobes and props for everyone. Occasionally we may discuss a shoot and I may have items that I've picked up that would fit a certain look or theme we are going for, but generally speaking you bring your own clothes.

What can I do to prepare for my shoot?

The advice I try to give people that I'm about to work with is to practice in front of the mirror. Practice your facial expressions and poses. When you look up and decide on what type of session that you'd like to do, study similar photos to see what you like and don't like and practice in the mirror so you'll be more comfortable at the shoot.

Do you work with only tattooed people?

Absolutely not! As you look through my work, you will see a majority of tattooed individuals but that in no way means that I work only with those with ink. My style really took off in the tattoo community and that lead to more work in that field, but I still love working with the non tattoo crowds as well.

Do you shoot only those with modeling experience?

Again, absolutely not! Anyone can book a shoot with me. I've worked a lot with those that have had no previous modeling experience. Some wanted to get into modeling, others just wanted to have cool looking photos of themselves for their significant other or just to feel better about themselves. A lot of people have booked sessions with me as a way of healing and closing chapters in their life that helped them be reborn into a new chapter of life. Those are some of my favorite people to work with.

Do you offer boudoir/sexy type sessions?

This is another tricky question for me. In the past I have done a lot of boudoir style sessions. Because of my faith, I am being a lot more cautious about this type of work. There are boudoir style shoots that can be done classy and less showy, but still be beautiful. As far as work that is done more provocatively, I will not be doing that style of work any longer. This type of work will only be done on a case by case basis and depending on the type of outfits you're wanting to wear.