Random Thoughts - There is No Box!!!

In our society we've been force fed an idea of what normal is, of what acceptable behavior, acceptable dress, etc is. We're raised to live in this box. The problem is there is no normal, there is no box. We were created all differently. When we are made to believe that we are all supposed to look the same way, to live the same way, and to think the same way, it creates a rebellion in the hearts of those that think differently. You either kill your spirit and conform or you become so pissed off that you go anti-acceptable.

When you go anti a lot of times that's still not who you are, it's just that you become so fed up with society that you go to extremes to show you're pissed. You may realize that this isn't really who I am either, but at least it's closer than that other thing.

Sadly, as a believer, I see this same thing happening in churches and Christianity. We create these boxes of what's acceptable to look like, to believe in, or acceptable forms of service and worship. If you don't believe the way I see it then you're wrong. It creates a lot of hostility among believers but even more so towards non-believers.

I believe that I was created different. I believe you were created different. We were all created with different minds, different ideas, different ways we process things, different interests and different purposes. It's NONE of our places to judge what someone else views their calling is. That's between them and God alone.

The fact is this box, this ideal that we're all guilty of accepting, whether you're firmly in the box, or whether you're proudly outside the box, the thing is the box doesn't exist. There is no normal, there is no anti-normal. There's just you, and there's me. You're different, I'm different, we're all different and it's time we latch onto that and be proud of who we were created to be. It's time for us to achieve OUR purpose.