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A Little About Me

About Me - 

My name is Ricky. I'm a writer & photographer. I've been shooting professionally since 2009 and have been published internationally. 

Most of my work is based in the modeling industry, but I also shoot a wide array of other work. My more family friendly type of work I do under Ricky Davis Photo.

As a photographer, I do an array of fashion/alternative/boudoir style work and I love that. I also am extremely passionate about creating work that goes beyond the "typical" modeling work to create work that has deeper meanings and more soul to it. 

As a writer, that's actually how I got into photography many years ago. I just released my book "Of Women & Monsters" and you can find it in my shop. It's a collection of darker themed poetry & photography. I write under R.B. Davis. You can check out more of my writing and some of my photography that accompanies it here under my R.B. Davis blog. I hope you enjoy.