About Me - 

Hey, I’m Ricky of TRD Photography. Writing about myself isn’t one of my strong points because I never know what people would like to know.

I’ve been shooting professionally since 2009 and I’ve been published internationally. I’ve been a finalist in Digital Photo Pro’s Emerging Pro contest twice, in 2012, and in 2013. I shoot a lot of different styles of work because I have a lot of different interests and each of those styles, each of those interests have helped turn me into the photographer that I am today.

I shoot both digital and film.

My take on photography really varies because my clients come to me with a variety of ideas with what they want. Ultimately when I boil it down to what matters to me personally is I want to create a photograph that captures personality, where my client shines through, whether that is a raw film portrait, or a highly stylized digital model photo, I want the client to see how amazing that they are in that moment, and carry that feeling forward.