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TRD Photography is the creative outlet of photographer, RIcky Davis. He's been published internationally in various tattoo and alternative publications. He lives in the Chattanooga, TN area and works with models, tattooed and non-tattooed, as well as bands. He specializes in alternative work, but he also shoots fashion, art, and various other stuff as well.

Beauty Redefined Series - Post #1 - Photographer Ricky Davis

Beauty Redefined Series - Photo - Ricky Davis - Cera O'Dell

Beauty Redefined Series - Photo - Ricky Davis - Cera O'Dell

Beauty Redefined Series - Post #1

"I started self-harming at twelve years old. There was never really a wish to die, just to find a way to distract from the sadness and anger. I came from a very controlling, strict, religious household and sometimes the only thing I felt in control of was how many cuts I made on my arm that day. It became a way for me to deal with depression and anxiety into adulthood. I used to be really self-conscience of the scars on my arms, but now they don’t bother me as much. I thought about tattooing over them then I realized I don’t want to cover them up. They constantly remind me that I was strong enough to overcome a really dark period in my life. All of us have scars from making it through rough times. Mine are just visible. " Cera

This is a blog that I've been anxiously awaiting to share for the last few months. Earlier this year, I decided to revisit a series idea that I had several years ago. The first "Beauty Redefined" idea involved b&w portraits and quotes about beauty from those I photographed.

The new series focuses around studio portraits done on black and white film photography and discussing not only beauty in the typical sense of the word, but how different people view it, and how culture shapes our views as well. I wanted to share stories from people who have had different life experiences, and share a variety of views. The series debuted recently at the Nashville RAW Artists Verve Showcase and I'm in discussion for another show in the Spring because this is going to be an ongoing showcase.