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TRD Photography is the creative outlet of photographer, RIcky Davis. He's been published internationally in various tattoo and alternative publications. He lives in the Chattanooga, TN area and works with models, tattooed and non-tattooed, as well as bands. He specializes in alternative work, but he also shoots fashion, art, and various other stuff as well.

Throwback Thursday - Hotels Project with Raven Lee

Model Raven Lee from the Hotel Series by TRD Photography - Photo of the Day 2/19/2015

Model Raven Lee from the Hotel Series by TRD Photography - Photo of the Day 2/19/2015

Photo of the Day - 2/19/2015 - Throwback Thursday - The Hotel Series with Raven Lee

One of my absolute favorite people in the world happens to be Ms. Raven Lee. I met her back in early 2012 and have had so many amazing, artistic shoots with this lady. She's been one of the sweetest, most genuine souls I've ever met! One thing about Raven that I've not ever seen at her level is how prepared she always is. Her specialty is really in nailing artistic shoot and she goes above and beyond in planning. I've never seen anyone else like her! 

I chose this photo to share with you guys today because this one came from one of my projects! It's a project that I've not really worked on since 2013 and I'd like to get it rolling again this year. It's what I called the Hotel Project. The basis of it came from the idea of working towards a book project featuring more character driven b&w shots done at hotels. Different places with different vibes. 

Even though this was one of our lesser planned out sets, it's still one of my absolute fav sets. We went for more of the old Hollywood starlet feel, with her look and with the edit. 

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Be sure to stay tuned to the blog as I have a video project coming up with her VERY soon. :)

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