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The TRD Show - Episode 1 - Interview with Lauren Dunham

The TRD Show - Episode 1 - Interview with Lauren Dunham

Several years ago while I was working on Ink Revolution, I had the thought that I'd like to do a web based show that would be an extension of the magazine. Something where you'd just sit down and talk to various models, tattoo artists, and musicians. I never got around to it, but with moving back to my old studio recently, I decided that I wanted to sit down and do something based off that idea. 

Enter The TRD Show - this show isn't based solely around tattoos, or even just photography, although there will certainly be some shows based around those things. The main focus is I want to show kinda behind the scenes of friendships that develop beyond shoots and share peoples stories. Each person out there has a unique story to themselves, and I'm constantly amazed by the people I get to work with. So I hope a little bit of that comes out in the show and hopefully you'll find it interesting as well. My goal is to keep these shows between 10-15 minutes or so, so I hope you dont get too bored with it. Would love to hear some feedback and keep watching back at Thursdays at 7pm. 

Rate & Policy Change - Effective for June 1st and Beyond

Rate & Policy Change

I have decided to make a few changes on my rates and policies. The way that I charge for my sessions will be going back to way I used to charge for session. PLEASE be sure to read the entire policy change.

Mini Sessions will be 3 photos for $100 - Regular Sessions are 6 for $100 - Full Sessions are 10 for $100.

I'm excited to have photos included in the packages again rather than them being purchased separately. However, here are where the policy changes come in.

Deposits are going up to $100 to book your session and they are non-refundable. It counts towards the cost of the shoot, but if you no show or cancel the day of, it's gone. You have two reschedules in case of emergencies and I ask for a minimum of 24 hour notice. Shoot must be rescheduled within 30 days of your original shoot date. If I have an emergency and need to reschedule more than twice, I'll give the $100 back or take $100 off your shoot.

Biggest Policy Change

In going back to charging this way I'm also changing the way I offer photos in the packages. Up until a couple of years ago my policy was that I pick out the best photos from the session. In recent years I've allowed people the choice to either pick them or if they want me to pick them out. At the price packages that I'm offering, I'm changing my policy that I pick out the photos. I'm doing this for a couple of different reasons.

  1.  It has become a major issue for me that people are taking months to pick out their photos from their sessions. Some people will do a shoot and then debate and debate over what photos they actually want trying to narrow it down. I have numerous shoots from 2016 that have yet to pick out their photos and that leaves me with limited space on my hard drives and on my album directory for them to pick out their photos.
  2. Most people come to me because they like my "style" of work. Some ask me to do everything from planning their outfits, to concept, etc, but then it comes down to picking the photos and they pick shots that are more basic and don't really have my feel to them, and then some are disappointed that they don't have the "TRD" feel. If you enjoy my work, I know my work and style better than anyone. It hurts sometimes to see the best photos get left because people don't have the end vision of the photographs like I do.

With making this change, I realize that some people will still want the freedom to pick out their photos. I'm still going to allow people to pick out their photos if they insist, however I will be charging a $50 fee if you choose to pick out your photos.

If you have any questions about these policies, just let me know. I'm trying to streamline things to make my turnaround time better, and get people the style of work that they enjoy from me to them and keep it affordable.