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TRD Photography is the creative outlet of photographer, RIcky Davis. He's been published internationally in various tattoo and alternative publications. He lives in the Chattanooga, TN area and works with models, tattooed and non-tattooed, as well as bands. He specializes in alternative work, but he also shoots fashion, art, and various other stuff as well.

Rates & Policy Change - Effective July 1st 2016

Model - Alex Van Zeelandt - Photo - TRD Photography

Model - Alex Van Zeelandt - Photo - TRD Photography


Rates & Policy Change - Effective July 1st 2016

I know, I know - we all hate to hear about rate increases. Originally, I was looking at some policy changes due to an increase in the lack of reliability that some of have shown over the past six months to a year. It has long been held a policy of mine to take deposits for sessions, but there's been a major increase in people rescheduling the day of sessions in the past six months, and that costs me time and money after I've had to turn away other clients wanting those dates. So I had to step back and re-evaluate how I operate as a photographer as well as how other professionals in my field operate. This has led to some changes.

Effective for shoots starting July 1st and in the future, my sessions are going to change. My sessions are going to be time based.

Mini Sessions will be 30 minutes and will now be $75. You will be limited to one outfit.

Regular Sessions will be one hour and will be $150. You'll be limited to two outfits.

Full Sessions will be up to two hours and will be $225. You'll be limited to 4 outfits.

These sessions prices are a retaining fee to book you for a date and for my time. These fees must be paid in full to book your date. These fees are non-refundable. If you must reschedule your session, I ask for a 48 hour notice, and the shoot must be rescheduled within 30 days of your shoot date. I allow rescheduling your session twice, but after that there is a $50 re-booking fee. If the shoot is rescheduled due to bad weather, it doesn't count. If I must reschedule with you for an emergency twice, I'll either give you $50 off your shoot, or you can choose to cancel your session and get your session fee back.

Session Fees - The session fees do not include your photos or cds. After your session, I will create an online gallery where you can view your photographs. These will be unedited images, and you get to choose what images that you would like to have edited from your shoot. I offer them in a couple of different ways: Digital Downloads or Prints. 

Digital Downloads - On the photos that you would like to have from your shoot, if you choose to purchase a digital download, you get the photo as well as a print release so you can print your photos anywhere or as often as you'd like. Digital Downloads are $25 per photo.

Prints - You can purchase a print of each of the photos for $20 per sheet. One sheet consists of 1 8x10, 2 5x7's, or 8 Wallets. Other sizes are available. If you purchase a print of an image, you do get a low res, watermarked copy of the photo for use online.

CD's - If you'd like to have a cd copy of your images, it's a $15 fee to help cover shipping and cd costs.

Over the years, I have fought going to this kind of rate system, but after having far too many days booked and turning away clients, only to get a call or text the morning of that it just wasn't going to work that day, something had to be changed. I hope that you guys understand the changes, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Again, this all goes into effect for shoots July 1st or later. If you've already booked a session going forward, it doesn't affect you.

I will also be changing my wedding policies, but that is still being finalized.